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College for a Day

image1On May 3, 2017, participants in the SISU program had the opportunity to spend some time at the Northern Essex Community College (NECC) “College for a Day” program. Participants were given a tour of the Lawrence Campus and were able to sit in on a class.

Experiences like the “College for a Day” program are instrumental to LFD’s goal of changing the dialogue around college. Because of this program, SISU participants who had never thought of going to college have realized that it is very real opportunity.

"This is my first time in this place, I can't believe no one has ever believed in me enough to bring me here and show me this" C.R.

Another participant who had never dreamed of going to college took the initiative to sign up for classes after sitting in a psychology class.

Thanks to NECC and the College for a Day program, what had once seemed beyond their reach, has now become a very reachable goal.

Special thanks to the SISU Transition Specialist, Allishah Mohammed, for making this day happen.
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SISU = Success

June 23, 2016

PA2Yesterday was a milestone for YouthBuild Lawrence and the Lawrence Youth Team. An unforgettable experience happened as Project Adventure (PA) brought together two different groups of young people, each with unique backgrounds, to work as one team with one goal. A great team of staff not only encouraged each participant but also kept them engaged and motivated when they didn't want to participate.

“Coming together as one and overcoming different obstacles is what The SISU center is all about. I'm sure some people were skeptical about how it would go, but if we had to pick one word for today it would have to be success.”

All of the young people participated in one way or another. Some stayed within their comfort zone while others were more open, yet they all took something with them. There is no doubt in my mind. The SISU Center is about resiliency, teamwork, and dedication, all of which were displayed by the participating young people and staff. We have no doubt that this is the beginning of great things!

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It Takes a Team

June 10, 2016

LYTGrad“Today we celebrate the HI-Set graduation of Eric Ubilez and Carlos Rodriguez.” On Thursday June 9th, two young men in the Lawrence SSYI Program were able to achieve their GED (General Education Diploma). One of them actually completed the GED while in DYS custody. These young men have not had it easy and still continue to learn from their mistakes. Despite the odds they made a choice to stick with the program and get their diplomas and for that we honor them.

This achievement has been a team effort, first with the young men and then the partnership of DYS and the Lawrence Youth Team. We believe that while it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to help them reach their dreams. It was a great satisfaction to see the their smiles as they looked at their friends, families, and case workers who never gave up on them, even when everyone else did.
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